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    Please fill in this form if you want to apply to be an amateur porn star and feature in porn films that will be distributed Worldwide for private viewing only..  Absolutely no experience is necessary and fresh faces and first timers are especially welcome.  





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    Type of work required Straight

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You do not need to send us professional pictures. Photos taken at home or on camera phones are fine.  Please send one face picture and one full body picture. You can be dressed or undressed.  Your photographs will not be published or made public in any way. The maximum file size for each photo is 1MB


That's it! When you click submit your information will be sent to us. Once we have your information we should get back to you within a few days


Please read the information below before clicking the submit button


When uploading large files please wait for files to upload after clicking the "submit" button once only.  If you are on a slow connection this could take a minute or two.

If you are using iPhones or other similar devices and you cannot attach photos to the form please email us your details and pictures instead at the email address below.

If you have trouble using this form simply email your details and pictures to.....




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