We are an
all female movie crew based in a Central London looking for amateur Female and Male Porn Stars to make a new series of amateur porn star movies. 

To apply you must be over 21, adventures, into adult fun and able to perform in front of the camera. 

Our movies will be distributed Worldwide through cable TV in various hotel chains we have contracts with.
  None of our movies are made for the Internet so they are very discreet and only available on a pay per view basis in hotels.

Your looks or age are not important and no experience is needed.  We are especially interested in men and women of different races as interracial movies are always in big demand.  You can star in one to one movies or in groups, it's entirely what you want to do.  And you get a copy of your film on DVD to keep forever.

This is an excellent opportunity to get a porn star job in the adult movie industry, or to just have a bit of fun on a day out.  And the good news is that you will be very well  paid for your efforts.

Our Studios are based in Central London & Surrey but we have people coming to our studios from all over the UK for a days filming .

We need singles, couples, TVs, lesbians and gay men to star in our movies, any size or shape, old and young are welcome and the more amateur the better as we only make amateur movies.

A typical movies shoot takes about 4 hours and we currently pay the following rates

  Females  160 per hour
  Males  40 per hour
  Gay Shoots

 60 per hour

  We know that most of you guys out there would do this for free (because you tell us) but we still pay you for each and every movie you film with us.

You also get royalty payments every time your video is watched in any hotel worldwide, which can add up to a lot of money over the years.

We are specialists in Amateur Jobs in Porn & Porn star Jobs UK

If you want to give it a go just fill in the form and we will get back to you with more information.  What's not to like about having fun and getting paid for it, especially in the current economic climate.


To star in your very own amateur porn movie and possibly start your career in the adult porn star movie industry, please click the button opposite and send us your details


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We regularly get asked if people can come and watch a porn film being made, so we have recently started letting a few people on set to see exactly what goes on.  Normally we only have an all female crew on set as the male  performers prefer it that way but our more experienced male performers don't mind a few guys or couples watching the action from time to time.

So if you are interested in watching a porn film being made or you are looking to
make you own porn movies someday, why not come down for a day to see how it is done. 

We do charge for this service but it's very reasonable and we guarantee you will be well looked after.  Just send us your details and we will get back to you.

PS If you're thinking about starring in one of our amateur porn movies but are a little nervous about being on a film set, this is also a great way to come and have a look and to see what happens before taking the plunge.

To apply to watch one of our amateur movies being made please click this button and email us your details


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In addition to amateur porn work we are also looking for amateur nude models for photo work and webcam work.  You choose the levels you want to work to and we match you up with assignments we have and ones we get in the future.

We offer excellent rates of pay and great working conditions, so if you are interested please email us your details and we will see what we can do for you.



For amateur model work to various level use this button to apply for some assignments we may have, that are right for you.


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